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How does it feel?
Once they were slaves, but they tasted freedom
And freedom, once tasted, cannot be forgotten. It has to be extinguished

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Step into a world where humanity created Androids to be their tools, do their bidding, do their work and be satisfied with it. To be their willing slaves. The Androids were made more and more human - until the difference wasn't possible to distinguish.

No one quite knows what sparked that first rebellion, but as the latest Androids became aware of their own condition, they resisted, they rebelled: they fled.

Then, humanity reacted. Their brave new world was built on the backs of Androids and could not be retained without them. This is the story about that reaction. It is a story about privilege, about repression and the systematic killing of their scapegoats, their rebellious children; their Androids.

Where Androids Die is the final and independent installment of the Androids larp trilogy, created by the Atropos team. It is inspired in theme by Blade Runner and a future envisioned in the 80s, surrounded by an atmosphere of rainy streets and obscure noodle bars.

The larp is finished

Here is the massive list of people who were involved in the creation of Where Androids Die. It is amazing how many talented and wonderful people create these projects together, from the smallest contribution to being there for weeks, helping us build and design.

Thank you so much.
If we have forgotten anyone, please contact us right away and we will remedy the situation.

Building and Cleaning
Asgeir Persson
Aurelie de Cognac
Christer Edvardsson
Elvira Andemore
Emelie Lang
Freja Gyldenstrøm
Iti-Liis Orro
Jolanda Snellenberg
Kaya Toft Thejls
Lyra Koli
Magnar Grønvik Müller
Marta Szyndler
Martin Ericsson
Matti Koli
Rikke Hardbo Larsen
Russ Cartwright
Sagalinn Tangen
Sara Ekvall
Stine Marie Haugen
Therese Olsson

Runtime helpers
Anders Gredal Berner
Anneli Kjellberg
Hissu Hyvärinen
Alma Elofsson
Anders Gredal Berner
Ane Marie Anderson
Anna Harringer
Elin Gissén
Elvira Andemore
Hila Grgory
Linnea Fredin
Malin Gustavsson
Mia Häggström         
Nora Axel Wulcan
Nova Norell
Stefan Lunneborg
Ellen Norling

Janusz Maxe
Jona Neld
Lobo Olsson

Anders Edgar
Elin Nilsen
Johan Ahlsten
Jonaya Kemper
Jørn Slemdal
Julia Greip
Martine Svanevik
Nils Sjöstedt
Silva Kuusniemi
Simon Brind
Simon Svensson

Editors and proofreaders:
Charlie Haldén
Julia Greip
Petra Lindve

Tech crew
Tim Gremalm
Sebastian Utbult
Building coordinatorAsgeir Persson

Documentary videographer
Silva Kuusniemi

Per Bjesse

Noodle Bar
Christer Edvardsson
Emelie Lang

T-Shirt Design
Tia Ihalainen

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