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The Story

The story of Where Androids Die is that of the consequences when the most advanced Androids are no longer deemed safe for the market and are recalled en-masse. Almost a billion working units needs to be recycled - another name for being destroyed, or killed. The Company, the all-encompassing entity that owns all Androids, cannot see any other way to undo the mistake they made - of making Androids too close to humans, to the point where they no longer followed their genetic limitations. These Androids had become far more lethal than any human, stronger and more resilient, and some did not have the limited 4-year lifespan that all the common units had. It was a danger to the Company as well as to humankind. The executive order was written and signed, condemning a billion Androids to their deaths - over time. It was not something that could be done easy or quick. It had a lot of administrative issues.

A billion workers, lovers, friends and exploited slaves are not removed quietly from a world that depends on them. The Company are forced to comply with the safety regulations ordered by the existing governments worldwide, and a new security force is created, with the sole responsibility of tracking down and collecting Androids of the latest model series. A worldwide effort to collect or keep track of these Androids is set into motion and many of them are discreetly recycled. 

The Actors in Our Story

It starts, of course, with The Company and their subsidiary, the Android Crime Unit, a paramilitary police force. Holding vast legal rights and enormous financial backing, they are the instigators and executioners of the genocide. The ACU receive the rights to enter apartments, to search for hidden Android units and to question anyone - human or Android - to learn what they need to find all of the faulty models. 

There are others, those who react or are affected by the shift.

Some take to protesting - Android rights movements, student groups, individuals who hold their Androids dear and refuse to see them murdered and parts of the Company who disagrees with this latest move. They hope they can stem the tide and prevent many of the recyclings from happening.

Some fight back. Underground resistance movements are formed. Androids escape into the gutters of the City, herded into areas that are more or less lawless until humans abandon those regions entirely. There they wait for the security forces to find their hiding spots, preparing for a desperate fight. 

Others are rendered helpless and angry by the removal of their tools, their slaves. Fueled by rage, they demand that something is done. They refuse to work like they used to, before the latest Androids took their places, and now the safety nets of society are being threatened. Will society collapse from the enlightened state it has reached, where no one has to go hungry or be without a home, when it loses the free labor at the bottom? 

The privileged, meanwhile, pay vast amounts of followers and recommendations in order to have their latest Androids re-skinned and have their blood transplanted. All in order to make them appear like the old models. They will not let go of their pets and darlings without trying to hold onto the things they feel they've earned. 

These are some, but not all, of the stories that you will be part of telling.

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Act 1 - Day - Friday, 18.00 - 01.00

During Act 1, everything is still normal. The regular people are grumbling about the errors that they perceive, the police are carrying out investigations and the people that do get hurt, get hurt away from sight. During this time, people forge connections. The difference resistance groups might meet with each other, the Company are discussing policies with the Politicians and the criminal elements and the Android traders are busy preparing for the crackdown that they know might come. Android skin is being transplanted and old models are being sold like never before. Act 1 is rather long, and will allow you a lot of chances to get to know people, find new connections and learn to like the people around you. 

Act 2 - Evening - Saturday, 12.00 - 17.00

During the evening, the situation grows a bit more dire. Some raids are carried out, illegal models are being sought after, checkpoints appear in different places in the city. The resistance plans their attempts at striking back and the commercial interests take drastic measures in order to preserve their privileges. The rich hold parties and deny the authorities their assistance. Everyone is tense, wondering when the facade will crack and when people will drop their pretentions. The information about the plan to completely annihilate the latest Android models will trickle out. Still, it seems unrealistic. No one truly believes that /all/ Androids will be recycled, be murdered. It seems unthinkable. 

Act 3 - Night - Saturday, 18.00 - 00.00

As Night falls, the Order is given. All N6 Androids are to be collected, with further orders to be given. Smoothly and causing as little protest as possible. It will still be a few hours before the Order reaches the streets, but the inevitable outcome is clear. There will be no more human models out in society by the end of the night, if the Company gets what it wants. The resistance has no hope of winning, their hiding places are no longer safe, they can only hope to save a few. Some among the rich and privileged might decide to hide their Androids away, hoping to escape, but they might also find themselves helpless. Common people might collect all sorts of Androids, thinking they're part of the hated N6 who took everything from them.

The End of the Game - Act 4, Morning - 00.00-00.30

The End is here. All the N6 Androids will have been collected, and they will gathered in a single place. Everyone else, who aren't part of the purge, will slowly cease their playing and gather near the holding areas.

The End of Where Androids Die will be a shared one, a shared moment in time, before the rain has washed away all the things that happened during the night.

The only ones who are left will be us, the players who have witnessed these events.

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