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Where Androids Die is a larp within the Nordic Larp tradition. It is played with focus on a larger narrative and how individuals fit into a grand, tragic puzzle. We play collaboratively, within the parameters of the game, to weave the story together.

Themes and Mood

What will you experience at Where Androids Die? 

You will experience a larp in a dystopic, futuristic universe where you step onto the rainy streets of one of its megacities. This one is the biggest, and it is simply called The City. For two days, you will follow your character in a web of complications and desperate struggles, watching the end of the free, humanlike Androids. 

This story will not end well. It will be about systematic murder, about oppression and genocide. It will end in tragedy.

But, this story will also be one of love. Of resistance in the face of death. Of friendship, of believing in the good of humans and Androids. It will be a story of the eroding morals among those who would do anything to fight back against the genocidal violence. 

It will be a story about the complications of slavery. About the bonds created between an Android slave and its owners, as well as the rage these bonds incite in other Androids who cannot stand to witness it. 

It will be a story about the will to live, against all odds, and to live for something other than yourself. 

And perhaps, about finding the answer to the ancient question - what makes someone human, in the end? 

Is this larp for me?

  • The larp is for participants who want to explore difficult, challenging and uncomfortable themes. 
  • The themes are in many ways depictions of some of the most horrifying parts of human society - slavery, fascism, genocide.
  • Where Androids Die is played in what we call a 360 Blackbox, or symbolic 360. We create islands of immersive, what-you-see-is-what-you-get scenography within a larger, abstract space. 
  • Your experience might include objectification, sexualization, nudity, depiction of violence and other situations that pushes your comfort zones. These are all dependent on your role and position, but no one can be entirely isolated from these.
  • It is collaborative, not competitive. 


What you can expect:

  • An immersive scenography with interactive technology, creating the feeling of a surrounding world you can interact with.
  • Prewritten characters and relationships 
  • A philosophical larp with a narrative focus on your own high stake story.
  • Workshops to prepare you for playing the larp.
  • 19 hours of in game larp time spaced out over 2 days.
  • Breaks for you to eat your food and for calibration.
  • Prop-food and drink, not enough for everyone to sustain themselves by alone, but enough to enhance their game.
  • An aesthetic guideline for your looks.
  • A larp setting where there will be no oppression on off game attributes such as looks, gender, sexuality, ability or ethnicity.
  • The feeling of eating noodles in the rain.

What we expect from you:

  • That you treat your co players with respect and never oppress anyone based on off-game attributes such as looks, gender, sexuality, ableism or ethnicity.
  • That you bring your own outfit, and that it is in line with the aesthetic guidelines provided by us.
  • That you bring enough food/snacks to stay happy during larp hours. There is one longer break for this on both Friday and Saturday.
  • That you contact your co-players and deepen the relationships provided by us before the larp start.



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